Sometimes, when you are moving to a different house, apartment, or office, it becomes necessary to place your furniture in storage for a time while you are awaiting access to the new locale. For example, you may sell your house and have a certain date to move out by, yet have no home purchased yet to move into. In this case, you will need furniture removals in Johannesburg to clear the house you will soon vacate, but need a place to leave your things while you stay with a relative and search for a new abode.

There are several different storage options open to you. You can rent space at a storage facility independent from the moving company, for example, and hire the furniture removers to take your goods to that location for the interim. Alternatively, you can look for a moving company that offers storage services in addition to furniture removals in the Johannesburg area (or elsewhere).

What a moving company storage facility offers you

Moving company storage facilities may be slightly more expensive than an independent storage company, since space is more limited and the service is a premium one in any case. Storage onsite is also limited and booked well in advance, so just as with moving, renting storage space a month or two before the actual removals take place is advisable.

While independent storage facilities are designed to be relatively secure, those at a moving company are often even safer. Instead of relying purely on passive protection such as fences, alarms, and sturdy locked doors, the storage at a furniture removers’ is located in the midst of a busy workplace. People are typically coming and going at all hours in such an environment, baffling most potential thieves outright with constant human presence.

Some of the better providers of furniture removals in Johannesburg also have full-time security guard, at least for the hours of the night when the moving company’s property is otherwise quiet or deserted. This is in addition to the usual array of passive defenses, including fences, bright lights, alarms and possibly sensors to pick up intruders, and locks.

Finally, storing your furniture and other belongings at the moving company’s own location offers a lot of convenience. The movers can bring the items directly to their “home base” after emptying your house, while delivery to the final destination (once it is known) is expedited by the fact that your furnishings will be stored only a few steps from the garage where the moving trucks are kept. There is no need for the removers to travel to a third location to pick up your chairs and cartons.

Additional safeguards – labels, checklists, and insurance

Despite the edge in security provided by onsite storage at the moving company, you can follow some procedures, if you wish, to safeguard your effects even further. You have likely already labeled each piece of furniture and each carton, but if you have not, this is a good time to affirm that all items are bearing a piece of paper with your name, address, and telephone number.

Making a complete checklist of all the items that you are putting in storage is also an excellent idea, if only for your peace of mind. This list can be used to check on whether everything has been delivered to the final destination. Even better, if possible, is if you can give a copy to the movers themselves so that they can check each object off as it is loaded on the truck for delivery, and so make certain that no items are accidentally left behind at the facility.

Finally, insurance on your stored goods may be provided as part of the overall plan from the company. You may also need to buy it separately, however. Be sure to inquire whether insurance is included and how large its coverage is, so that you can make other insurance arrangements if needed. With these few details handled, however, you will be ready to make use of storage as part of the process of furniture removals in Johannesburg – until your exciting new home is ready for you to move in.