When dealing with removal companies in preparation for a major move to a new house or a new office, many smaller items will need to be wrapped and placed in cartons to be transported from your current location to the new one (or to storage).

It is obviously impractical to place hundreds of small objects into a removal truck individually. The result would be a chaotic heap of items, slipping and sliding as the vehicle moved, shattering or becoming damaged in transit, and presenting a huge problem for those involved in unpacking the truck at its destination.

Cartons are the solution to this problem, since they allow you to organize your possessions into neatly contained units. In effect, a carton allows you to turn several dozen or several hundred small items into one large object. The cubic shape of the carton allows it to be stacked securely among other cartons. You can supply your own cartons or rely on the removers to bring them, though you should be aware that removal companies often charge additional fees for cartons and packing materials.

Some hints for packing your goods in cartons in preparation for the removal companies include:

  • Try not to overload cartons. Those which are too heavy may break open, or be accidentally dropped due to their clumsiness. Try to place a mix of light and heavy objects into each carton. Remember that books and other paper goods are extremely heavy in large numbers.
  • Fill the interior of the carton completely. If there is empty space, the items can shift and possibly break. If a carton is getting heavy but there is still some vacant space, fill this in with light packing materials such as wadded bubble wrap or “packing popcorn”.
  • Wrap sturdy items in newspaper or brown packing paper, while fragile items should be placed in bubble wrap. Try to put soft items in contact with fragile possessions – for example, glass vases can be wrapped additionally in curtains or spare clothing.

Professional packers – to hire or not to hire

Removal companies often offer the services of professional packers for an additional charge. These people are trained and experienced in wrapping items in paper or bubble wrap, then fitting them snugly into a carton so that they will not rattle around and break during transit. Generally speaking, your belongings will be handled carefully and packed expertly by these individuals, since breakage will result in insurance claims against their employers and possible loss of their jobs.

Deciding whether or not to use the services of professional packers from removal companies is a matter both of thrift, and of the urgency of the packing. If you are moving on a very tight budget, then packing your own goods is a way to save quite a bit of money. If your bank balance is high, on the other hand, then it may well be worth the cost to let others do the work.

There is also a subjective element of how comfortable you are with other people handling your possessions. Some people may view strangers handling their belongings with indifference, and will be glad to shunt the work off onto other shoulders while they concern themselves with their own day to day tasks and problems.

Of course, you do not need to rely entirely on your own efforts, or turn the whole task over to professional packers: the situation is not a stark “either/or” choice. You can pack part of your home’s contents yourself – perhaps concentrating on those items that are most valuable or sentimentally important to you, in order to ensure a personal touch in their packing.

This will both place the protection of your prized belongings in the hands you trust most – your own – and cut down on the amount of packing you will need to pay for. You can leave packing of less important items to the professionals, while presenting the removal companies with your self-packed cartons to be placed in the truck in the safest spot.