When you engage the services of removal companies in Johannesburg (or elsewhere in South Africa or the world, for that matter), good planning and careful organization will help you not only when you are moving out of your existing home or office, but when you are setting up your possessions in the new space you will be occupying in the future, too.

To make the shift between your original location and the fresh one as unhindered as possible, you should start thinking about the other end of the journey as soon as you begin packing for the initial furniture removal. There are preparatory steps you can take while readying for your move, and the unpacking at the destination should be handled in a certain sequence for your comfort and convenience. There are quite a few tips for an untroubled start at your new address.

Most good removal companies in Johannesburg will help you with these preparations. They can do this best if you have a checklist of which items are most urgently needed by you; this will show them the order in which to pack items into the removal trucks.

Making a carton of necessities

One way of making the move easier on yourself is to collect a carton of necessities which you will need for your basic comfort in the first few days in your new residence. These include personal care items, grocery store items that you may not have time to shop for you on your first day in your new home, medical supplies that you require on a regular basis, and so on.

Some of the personal care and hygiene items you may want to place in your carton of necessities include soap and shampoo; toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other tooth care items; a spare comb or hairbrush; and makeup, perfume, cologne, and other toiletries. If you have a baby, be sure to include some diapers, baby formula, talcum powder, baby shampoo, and the like.

You make also find it convenient to include some utensils and other paraphernalia related to eating and drinking, since you and your family will undoubtedly want to refresh yourselves rather than going hungry and thirsty until the next day. Include a fork, spoon, and knife for each family member; a plate and a drinking cup for each person as well; snack food and canned beverages, plus perhaps canned food or dry, nonperishable food to make a meal out of; tea or instant coffee; dishwashing detergent and a dishcloth for washing and drying your utensils and plates; and, if you have pets, pet food and the dishes needed for their food and water.

The final items you might find it useful to place in your carton of necessities while moving with the help of removal companies in Johannesburg are general utility items such as scissors, a small first aid kit, toilet tissue, a portable radio or CD player for entertainment and relaxation, flashlights, a small tool kit, garbage bags, and whatever important papers you do not carry with you.

Be sure to mark your carton of necessities so that it is easily identifiable.

Unpacking your belongings efficiently at your new home

In order to settle into your new home as effortlessly and painlessly as possible, it is usually best to unpack and position items in the order noted here. You can get some help from the personnel of the removal companies from Johannesburg that you have hired, by telling them where you would like major items of furniture placed.

Although you may later adjust the position of these furnishings, getting them as close as possible to their final location when you still have several strong backs at your disposal is probably a good idea.

  • See to the placement of large items of furniture first. Your assistants from the removal companies in Johannesburg provide you with the muscle to position these bulky, ponderous items, so accomplish this part of “moving in” before they leave.
  • Install your major appliances and check to make certain they are still working. You will need your stove, refrigerator, television, and washing machine soon, anyway, so it is best to have them online as fast as possible after arriving.
  • Reassemble those pieces of disassembled furniture you will be using immediately, such as your bed(s).
  • Unpack your carton of necessities, and continue unpacking less essential boxes until you get tired and spend your first night sleeping in your new home.