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Of all the complex, time consuming tasks involved in moving from one place to another, furniture removals are among the most challenging and troublesome. Whether you are a homeowner shifting your belongings from one house or apartment to another, or a business worker moving your furniture and filing systems to a different office, the task of doing so quickly, safely, and effectively is one best left to professionals in the field.

Professional furniture removers have many advantages over the average homeowner or office-occupying businessman or businesswoman when it comes to successfully removing, transporting, storing, and relocating furniture. Tables, chairs, beds, chests of drawers, computer workstations, file cabinets, and sofas are all bulky objects that are physically difficult to move and can easily be disfigured by damage if they are handled incautiously.

Those who specialize in furniture removals are able to carry them out in such a way that the furniture is shifted quickly out of the space it formerly occupied, yet remains as pristine and undamaged as possible.

Rather than struggling with huge, ponderous objects, possibly damaging their finish or injuring the doorframes, wallpaper, and steps getting them out of the house, and undergoing all the trouble and hardship of transport and storage, it makes good sense to engage the services of someone who copes efficiently with these difficulties on a regular basis. This frees you to attend to the many other matters involved in a move as well – you have enough work to do without contending against the bulk and inertia of your furniture, too.

Taking a closer look at the benefits you gain from hiring a furniture removals company during a home or office move underlines how much these firms have to offer you, and how many burdens they relieve you of at an already stressful, difficult time.

Getting your furniture out of the home or office

The task of organizing your furniture and other possessions for removal is a challenging one, which you can appreciate the complexity of simply by walking into one of your rooms and asking yourself, what should be removed first? This is not a simple matter of grabbing things at random and taking them out of the house – this will only produce chaos and slow the removal process to a crawl.

Furthermore, many objects are both very heavy and very large, meaning that it is hard for a typical homeowner to maneuver them out of the room, or for an office worker to take them out of the office. These huge, heavy items must be removed from the room without damaging anything else, and carried – possibly for a long distance – without being dropped, scraped, or battered.

A good furniture removals company cuts through all these potential problems with the keen eye of experience and the steady hand of skill. The personnel will rapidly catalog the items they must move, decide the best order in which to pack and move them, and then carry out this plan quickly and efficiently. Smaller items are wrapped and boxed together, while larger items are wrapped individually and carried out as is. All items are treated with care; there are enough strong arms and sturdy backs on hand to ensure nothing is dropped or broken; and your home or office will empty out like magic.

Truck transport with safe packing methods

Whether your possessions are being moved immediately to another space you are planning to occupy, or if you need to place them in storage for a time, companies specializing in furniture removals will have a fleet of trucks on hand to move your items in as few trips as possible.

The company should offer you high quality packing to keep your furniture and other belongings safe during the moving, transport, and storage process. If they offer enhanced protective services for an additional fee, it is usually best to engage these as well, assuming that you place value on the furniture that is being removed.

Nearly all companies will wrap large pieces of furniture in “blankets”, which are cloth coverings that provide cushioning and defend the surface of the furniture from scratches, rips, and dents. Additional services may include sheets of bubble wrap placed over hard, finished surfaces such as tabletops, cartons and bubble wrap to transport smaller items effectively, plastic covers for upholstered furniture so that it does not become dirtied or stained, and so on.

The modern era is one of double-checking, insurance, and high tech safety measures. To keep your furniture safe and on track, the larger companies that carry out furniture removals offer insurance that covers everything from hijacking of the vehicles to fires or crashes that might damage your possessions. Trucks are now often tracked in real time with satellite GPS (global positioning systems) and cellular telephone contact with the individuals driving them, so that you know precisely where your furniture is at all times.

Options for storage or delivery

When you are moving, you can either opt to have your furniture taken directly to your new residence or office, or stored for a time while you are completing the rest of the move. It is often most straightforward to have your goods placed in storage at the facilities of the company carrying out the furniture removals for you – that way, when you are ready for your possessions to be moved to your new location, it will be much faster for them to be loaded on trucks and sent on their way, rather than needing to wait for trucks to reach a distant facility.

Security on stored items is also better this way, since the storage facility is in the middle of a busy company compound, rather than being located on a back road somewhere with only locks and perhaps a few security cameras to protect them.

If your future home or office is already ready, you can save on storage fees by having your furniture taken directly to the new location. However, if you can afford it, it is often best to have your furniture stored temporarily, and brought in several smaller sections, to allow a smoother, more rational installation of your possessions on the new premises. If this is your plan, ask the movers to organize your goods during the furniture removals so that you can have the most necessary items delivered first, and those which are least essential brought once you are already comfortably settled in.